Nos Trois Branches

Nos Trois Branches This is french and means  “Our Three Branches”. The name is a placeholder for the homepage  of a french genealogical family association, founded by Maurice Maupillier. It’s a place of exchange and information within searchers and members of the families with the names Maupilé, Maupillé, Maupilet, Maupillier, Mopilé, Maupiler, their relatives  and […]

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B-Street House

extract of:   MAY 3, 2006 BY SCOTT SCHRANTZ Fixing Up The Old Houses; And Becky pulled a double-header this weekend, writing two articles for Sunday’s paper. The first one is a feature on another in a long line of renovations going on in Virginia City, the house at 58 North B St. I went up to Virginia

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